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SAP IS Retail Interview Questions

SAP IS Retail has many different modules, with most of the modules as the core SAP modules with some adjustments.
                                         The overview section provides a brief overview of what SAP IS Retail is.
1. What version's of SAP IS Retail have you worked with?
  SAP IS Retail has many different versions active in market, 4.0, 4.7 and currently more common new implementations are being done in ECC 5.0 and ECC 6.0.

2. What is MAP?

MAP stands for Merchandise and Assortments Planning

3. How do you do price execution in retail?

Normal Pricing in SAP IS Retail are maintained using VK11 using different condition type. Change pointers can be configured in the SAP system that will be triggered when any price change or price addition happens and these change pointers are transferred down to the POS systems using POSDM or other custom solutions. The changes can transferred to other channels like website and mobile devices using the same strategy.

4. How do you maintain promotions in SAP IS Retail?

Promotions are maintained via a transaction called WAK1, the pricing conditions are created and transferred down to POS or other systems.

5. What is a Markdown and what does SAP IS Retail provides in this regard?

Markdown are phased down reduction in prices, which may due to seasonal pricing, vendor sponsored price changes, effort to reduce inventory etc. Basically, markdowns provide strategy to reduce the price of a particular article in a phased down manners, equal or varying % of price being reduced at a regular intervals. SAP IS Retail provides tools to manage this. It provides tools to plan a markdown, activate and send the data down to the stores. It also provides various reports to see how the different markdowns are doing.
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