Rotor Angle Stability And Voltage Stability.


The rotor angle stability and voltage stability problems are to some extent,interlinked but in many aspects quite different also.Rotor angle stability is basically generator stability while voltage stability means load stability.In a large interconnected power system voltage instability may occur while the rotor angle stability is still maintained and the generators continue to remain in synchronism.Transient voltage stability is generally interlinked to transient rotor angle stability while small disturbance voltage stability is linked to steady state rotor angle stability.Rotor angle stability is mainly interlinked to real power transfer whereas voltage stability is mainly related to reactive power transfer.Voltage stability problems arise mainly in the event of faults.Rotor angle stability problems also arise during and after faults.Power transfer over transmission lines is limited due to the rotor angle stability.Applications of some modern techniques is useful in removing the power transfer limits imposed by transient rotor angle stability.

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