Different methods to improve bearing capacity of soil.


  1. Increase the depth of foundation:In normal cases soils have got greater bearing capacity at deeper levels due to the weight of the overlying material.
  2. By draining the soil:On increasing water content in soil its bearing capacity decreases.So by draining sandy soil and gravel by gravity pipe drainage system or by installing shallow tube wells,we can increase the bearing capacity.
  3. By grouting:Cement mortar can be injected under pressure in to the subsoil to seal off voids in between subsoil and foundation.
  4. By confining the soil:Sheet piles are driven around the structure to form an enclosure.This enclosing sheet pile prevent the movement of soil.
  5. Chemical treatment:Chemical solution are injected under pressure into the soil.This chemicals form a gel and keep soil particles together to form a compact mass.

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